We are ambitious and driven by clear goals

We are not afraid to challenge norms in a quest for a better world. We believe Greenland is the perfect place for intercontinental IT services and would like to help put Greenland on the world map.

Our world is constantly changing, and consequently we are not satisfied with the status quo. Instead, it is a mantra for us to constantly improve ourselves.

The people behind Modulo

Mikkel Andreasen LinkedIn
CIO & Lead Data Center Consultant
· Mail: man@modulo.gl
· Phone: +299 551537
Thomas M Steenholdt LinkedIn
CTO & Lead Data Center Consultant
· Mail: thms@modulo.gl
· Phone: +299 482524
Katrine Andersen LinkedIn
GM & Sales Manager
· Mail: khja@modulo.gl
· Phone: +299 551427
Rasmus Elmholt LinkedIn
Network Architect
· Mail: rael@modulo.gl
· Phone: +299 525737
Jacob Inooraq Kleist LinkedIn
2nd Line Manager
· Mail: jik@modulo.gl
· Phone: +299 584021
Peter Frederik Blytmann LinkedIn
· Mail: pfbl@modulo.gl
· Phone: +299 584400