Ambitious agenda and clear goals!

At Modulo, we are not afraid to challenge the norms and we are always at the forefront of developments.

We are passionate about respectful partnerships and creating value for our customers with every single delivery.

We raise the bar on IT services, because Greenland has the potential and competencies to provide “World Class IT” services, both now and in the future.

We educate the next generation of IT skills and support our culture, e.g. through sponsorships.

Our team

Katrine Helena Petersen

General Manager

Jacob Inooraq Kleist

2nd Line Manager

Peter Frederik Blytmann

Systems Consultant

Ilasiaq Ingemann

Network Consultant

Kristian Kuluk Frederiksen

Systems Consultant

Malik Biilmann

Data Technician (Student)

Mininnguaq Arnkjær

Network Technician (Student)

Mikael Zeeb

Account Manager

Thor Tittussen

IT Supporter (Student)